Colorado Beef

Lamar, Colorado

Economic impact

Payroll: $2.5M+
Livestock Payments: $75M+
Payroll Taxes: $200,000+
Area Unemployment: 2.7%
Utilities: $600,000

Colorado Beef, a 56,000-head feedyard completed in 1969, is located on Highway 50 near Lamar, Colorado, a town of 8,000, that offers rural living at its best. Five Rivers Colorado Beef is a proud member of the Lamar and Prowers County Colorado community.

The history of Lamar is replete with stories of frontiersmen seeking new horizons, Native Americans faced with change, pioneer struggles, the dust bowl era, and the influences of modern transportation. During the time of outlaws and bandits, Lamar benefitted from the westward population movement and township development was extremely profitable along the Santa Fe line. William Bent, a famous trader and rancher in the American West in the mid-1800s, abandoned the original Bent’s Fort and relocated his trading business to his log trading post at Big Timbers, adjacent to where Colorado Beef sits today. Later, in the fall of 1853, Bent began building a stone fort, Bent’s New Fort, on the bluff above Big Timbers. Bent conducted his trading business there until 1860, when the building was leased to the United States government and renamed Fort Wise. On Feb. 18, 1861, six chiefs of the Southern Cheyenne and four of the Arapaho signed the Treaty of Fort Wise with the United States, which ceded to the United States an area that included present-day southeastern Wyoming, southwestern Nebraska, most of eastern Colorado, and the westernmost portions of Kansas.

Colorado Beef was built by local investors and has carried the names of Continental Grain or ContiBeef and Five Rivers Ranch Cattle Feeding.

2258 US Hwy 50
Lamar, CO 81052


General Manager
Juan Cocoba

Team Members

Cattle Capacity
56,000 head

Feedlot Space
Feedyard Area: 313 acres
Irrigated/Dryland: 414 acres

Geographical Purchasing Region
Northern Oklahoma, Southern Colorado,
Kentucky, Tennessee, Southern California,
Alaska, Hawaii

Grain Storage/Bushel

Average Precipitation: 11 inches
Average Snowfall: 23 inches

Juan Cocoba

General Manager

Juan Cocoba graduated from Universidad Autonoma de Baja California in the mid 90’s with a veterinarian degree and has been with Five Rivers for just over two decades spending time in three of our feedyards. Juan takes great pride being a part of the foundation for recruiting foreign employees for the company, known as the TN Visa Program. Living in a smaller community is enjoyable for Juan and his family with great fondness for outdoor summer activities (especially if it involves the Texas Rangers). General Manager isn’t the most rewarding title in Juan’s book. Being a father and becoming a grandfather are the major highlights!

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