Feeding With Us

Five Rivers is dedicated to serving

Its customers

Five Rivers is dedicated to serving its customers, whether they feed a single load or 10,000 head.  With in-house veterinarians, nutritionists, analysts, and hundreds of experienced employees focused on optimizing feeding performance, Five Rivers is ready to help you finish out your cattle.


timely and efficient shipping

Cattle can be fed out at any of our 13 locations depending on the right fit for the customer.  All locations are located near major beef processing companies, enabling timely and efficient shipping.  We have historically fed out a variety of cattle including native, Mexican, natural, and other specialty marketing programs. 



Coupled with our proactive processes to manage dust, manure, runoff water and nutrients, Five Rivers continually invests in maintaining and upgrading facilities to ensure the safety of our cattle, our people, and our environment.


personalized financing opportunity

Customer services are not limited to utilizing quality-driven formula and grid arrangements or access to fed cattle cash markets. Five Rivers offers a personalized financing opportunity to feed customer cattle.  Please reach out using the Contact Us form to find out more!

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