Five Rivers Montera Feedyard

LaSalle, Colorado

Economic impact

Payroll: $630,000+
Payroll Taxes: $50,000+
Area Unemployment: 4.3%
Utilities: $227,000+

The Montera Feedyard is located off the Keenesburg cutoff (heading south) or the Kersey Road (heading north). While it has a LaSalle, Colo., address, it sits between Kersey and LaSalle.

Dallas Horton, D.V.M was flying over the area on the way to Nebraska when he saw the mill. He inquired about it because he was looking for additional grain storage. Dallas asked about purchasing it and the realtor said that the 15,000 head feedlot goes with the mill. When Dallas asked where the feedlot was, he learned that it was southwest of the mill, but he hadn’t seen it from the air because it was completely covered in the “Pig Weed” that grew 7 to 8 feet tall, obscuring it from view.

The feedlot had sat empty for seven years prior to Dallas purchasing it, but with the help of his sons, Trent and Troy, the feedlot was revived and continued to thrive for many years. 

The Montera Feedyard has carried the names of Cowan Feeders, Greeley Feeders and Front Range Feeders.

15972 WCR 51
LaSalle, CO 80645

General Manager
Ryan Peterson

Team Members

Cattle Capacity
20,000 head

Feedlot Space
Feedyard Area: 344 acres
Irrigated/Dryland: 81.3 acres

Grain Storage/Bushel

Average Precipitation: 12 inches
Average Snowfall: 20 inches

Ryan Peterson

General Manager

Ryan grew up in southwest Michigan on a family farm consisting of a commercial cow/calf herd, feedlot, and row crops. He attended Michigan State University receiving a degree in Agribusiness Management and then attended Colorado State University, earning a master’s degree in Ruminant Nutrition. Ryan’s first exposure to Five Rivers was when he moved to Colorado, working at the feedlot research facility in Lamar that neighbored Colorado Beef. Upon completion of graduate school, Ryan worked for a large seedstock company in northern Colorado that developed cattle at the Horton Feedlot in Wellington. Ryan joined Five Rivers in 2019 as the Assistant General Manager at Kuner Feedlot and became the General Manager of both Horton Feedyard and Montera Feedyard when Five Rivers purchased those locations in 2022. Ryan and his wife and two boys reside in Wellington, Colorado.

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