Interstate Feedlot

Malta, Idaho

Economic impact

Payroll: $2M+
Livestock Payments: $100M+
Payroll Taxes: $150,000+
Area Unemployment: 3.0%
Utilities: $500,000+

The Interstate Feedlot, a 54,500-head feedyard completed in 1969, is located near the small town of Malta, Idaho. Located in the beautiful Raft River Valley, settlers in the Malta area in the early 1880s said it seemed like an island in a wide expanse of sea, so they named it after the island of Malta in the Mediterranean. Today, Malta boasts a population of 200 people. Five Rivers Interstate Feedlot is a proud member of the Malta, Burley and Cassia County Idaho community.

The historic Oregon Trail runs very near the Malta feedyard and one can see the narrow gullies and remnants of the shallow trail pioneers traveled as they made their way across this wide open desert area of Idaho. The Oregon Trail was traveled by wagons pulled with horses, mules and oxen. There were approximately 250,000 wagon trains that passed through the area and “folks” who lost their lives during the journey were often buried along the trail, underneath the ruts or covered in mounds with huge lava rock to prevent coyotes and other predators from disturbing the graves.

Interstate was built by EA Miller and has carried the names of ConAgra Cattle Feeding Company, MF Cattle Feeding and Five Rivers Ranch Cattle Feeding

1710 S 2450 E
Malta, ID 83342


General Manager
Arvid Carlson

Team Members

Cattle Capacity
54,500 head

Feedlot Space
Feedyard area: 160 acres
Irrigated/Dryland: 1,260 acres

Geographical Purchasing Region
Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Nevada

Grain Storage/Bushel
250,000 bushels

Average Precipitation: 8.72 inches
Average Snowfall: 12 inches

Arvid Carlson

General Manager

Arvid Carlson was born and raised near Greeley, CO graduating from Eaton High School.  Arvid got his bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and Ag Business from Colorado State University.  Arvid has been with Five Rivers for 8 years and manages our Interstate Feedlot in Malta, ID. Arvid, his wife and 3 boys reside near Rupert, ID and keep busy with baseball, basketball, church, hunting and skiing.

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