Kuner Feedlot

Kersey, Colorado

Economic impact

Payroll: $3.7M+
Livestock Payments: $203M+
Payroll Taxes: $283,000+
Area Unemployment: 3.4%
Utilities: Nearly $1M

The Kuner Feedlot was completed in 1974 as a 98,000-head feedyard. Kuner is located on Highway 34, a few miles east of Kersey, Colorado. Kersey, a town with a population of 1,650, is located near Greeley, Colorado. Five Rivers Kuner Feedlot is a proud member of the Kersey and Weld County community.

Located on the Great Plains of Northern Colorado, the Kuner Feedlot was the third 100,000-head feedyard built and owned by the Monfort family of Greeley. The original Monfort family feedlot, located north of Greeley, was voluntarily phased-out for environmental reasons upon completion of Kuner. In 1966, Monfort pioneered the practice of cooking, rolling and feeding grain warm to cattle. Today, most feedyards process their own corn flakes and other grains to enhance digestibility, palatability and the more efficient use of grain fed to cattle.

In 2011, after three years of construction and $18 million dollars of investment, the Five Rivers Cattle Feeding Kuner Feedlot was transformed into the most state-of-the-art cattle feedyard in the industry. Kuner Feedlot stands as a signature showpiece of the modern cattle feeding industry for customers and industry visitors. From state-of-the-art environmental practices to enhancing cattle comfort, the new and improved Kuner Feedlot is designed to last well in to the future. In addition, Kuner has engaged in a pilot-scale gasifier unit that is designed to efficiently convert manure into power that, in turn, can operate the steam chests in the flaker mill.

Kuner was built by Monfort of Colorado and has carried the names of ConAgra Cattle Feeding Company, MF Cattle Feeding Company and Five Rivers Ranch Cattle Feeding

28625 US Hwy 34
Kersey, CO 80644


General Manager
Tanner Pickett


Team Members

Cattle Capacity
98,000 head

Feedlot Space
Feedyard Area: 418 acres
Irrigated/Dryland: 522 acres

Geographical Purchasing Region
California, Northern Utah, and
Northwest Colorado

Grain Storage/Bushel

Average Precipitation: 14 inches
Average Snowfall: 24 inches

Tanner Pickett

General Manager

After graduating from Northwest Missouri State University with a degree in Animal Science, Tanner started his career at the Gilcrest Feedlot as a Feedyard Trainee in 2011. Tanner was promoted to Feed Department Manager at Gilcrest and then accepted a promotion to Assistant General Manager at our Hartley Feeders yard in Texas. In 2017, Tanner became the General Manager at Coronado Feeders until transferring as General Manager of our Kuner Feedlot in 2019. Tanner and his wife have two boys and reside in Eaton, Colorado.

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