Our Mission

at five rivers

our core business is cattle feeding

We are committed to improving our business by diligently creating a more closely aligned value chain, investing in our business to ensure its longevity, and maximizing the returns to our shareholders.  Within the cattle feeding industry, we are a leader.  We take our leadership role very seriously and are dedicated to the future of the industry.  To ensure our success in the improvement of our business, we will advance through principle-centered leadership.

Guiding Principles

People.  People are the foundation of our business.  We strive to model honesty, integrity, and professionalism within our organization.  We hold ourselves to the highest legal, moral, and ethical standards in conducting business.  We strive to provide our employees with a safe working environment, competitive wages and benefits, and an opportunity to be part of a winning team in our industry.  We encourage our employees to maintain balanced lives and to grow and develop both personally and professionally.

Customers.  We recognize that we serve a variety of customers throughout the value chain.  We are committed to provide all customers with solutions that create value for their businesses.  We aim to be the first choice as a supplier for customers looking for a solution-minded partner. We will be proactive in identifying new customers and developing valuable, long-term relationships with them.

Stewardship.  We take seriously our role as a steward of the land and the livestock in our care.  We accept responsibility for the well-being of the cattle that are entrusted to us and ensure they are kept healthy and treated humanely.  We also recognize that we are caretakers of the environment in which we live and work.  We maintain the highest standards and continuously improve our environmental practices as new research and technology are available.  We care for these, and all our natural resources, as if they were our own.

Good Neighbor.  We are grateful for the communities in which we live and work and strive to always be in good standing with our neighbors.  We seek opportunities to participate in and support community events.  We continually look for opportunities to work collaboratively with our neighbors to solve problems that may arise.

Our Vision For The Future

We recognize that the business environment is everchanging which ensures that we focus on creating a sustainable future for our investors, our employees, our customers, and the environment.  We proactively seek to create a future that is desirable for all of our stakeholders as we promote continuous improvement in production practices through diligent and prudent use of technology.

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