Our People

People are the foundation

of our business

Our success comes from the proven value and commitment of our team members. At Five Rivers, we strive to provide our employees with a safe working environment, competitive wages and benefits, and an opportunity to be part of a winning team in our industry. We strive to model honesty, integrity, and professionalism within our organization.

Employees are encourged to maintain balanced lives and to grow and develop both personally and professionally. We are grateful for the communities in which we live and work and seek opportunities to participate in and support community events for the betterment of our neighbors and families.

Our People

Joel has been a part of our #FiveRiversFamily for fifteen years now. When asked what he enjoys about his job, Joel answered, “Knowing that I am part of the world’s largest cattle feeding operation makes me passionate and that the way I treat cattle impacts how they will perform when it comes to health.” When Joel isn’t helping keep cattle healthy at Five Rivers, he loves watching baseball and seeing his family grow in the activities they are passionate about.

Joel Herrera Moreno

Head Cattle Doctor at Hartley Feeders

Bret has been a part of our #FiveRiversFamily for nearly 20 years, deciding recently to retire, but he still comes in to ship two days a week. When asked what he likes about the beef industry, Bret says "I like beef! But it's also a good industry to be a part of and I like that I play by own part." In Bret's spare time he does leather work, building saddles and tack.

Bret Earl

Head Shipper at Interstate Feeders

Sealy has been a part of our #FiveRiversFamily as an accounting/administrative specialist in Texhoma, Oklahoma for the last 18 months. When asked what she appreciates most about the beef industry, she said she is excited to raise her family in it. She grew up on her family’s ranch, so instilling the same values in her children makes it all worth it!

Sealy Chavez

Accounting and Administrative Specialist at Cimarron Feeders

Chuck works in the yard maintenance department and has been a part of our #FiveRiversFamily for 17 years! We asked Chuck what he likes most about working at Five Rivers and he says the people he has worked with is what he has enjoyed most.

Chuck Chastain

Yard Maintenance at Hartley Feeders

Olivia joined us in June of 2021 as a market and risk analyst after her summer internship. When asked what she enjoys about the beef industry, Olivia answered, “The people and culture of continual improvement towards a common goal drive my passion for the cattle industry.” Olivia is the fifth generation of a diversified cattle feeding and grain operation in Illinois. 

Olivia Wilrett

Corporate Market Analyst

Ramon has been a part of our #FiveRiversFamily for seven years and has been passionate about cattle feeding his entire life. He studied veterinary medicine in Mexico and grew up on a ranch, working with cattle and horses, which became a big part of his life. In his free time, Ramon enjoys roping, hiking with his wife and their dog, and he really enjoys taking pictures of the nature around him.

Ramon Real Valdez

Cattle Department Manager at McElhaney Feeders

“Jose has an exceptional attitude and his intense focus on animal care is highly valued at Coronado Feeders. It is not the tasks that Jose is asked to complete but rather the tasks he takes upon himself to complete that sets him apart. He is a prime example of what it means to go the extra mile for your team.” – Coronado Cattle Department

Jose Hinojosa

Employee of the Year - Cattle Department

“Kevin has a smile that is contagious to all. He is always in good spirits, is eager to learn, doesn’t complain, and will do anything you need him to do. For someone who has only been flaking for 8 months now I think what Kevin has been able to accomplish is phenomenal.” – Cimarron Mill Department

Kevin Garcia

Employee of the Year - Mill Department

“Randy has taken it upon himself to create a culture within the shop that consequently affected all employees within the feedlot. He truly exemplifies the idea of 6S and what it stands for. Throughout the week it is not uncommon to find Randy helping with repairs in the mill or assisting the cattle department in their day-to-day activities.” – Gilcrest Yard Department

Randy Hines

Employee of the Year - Yard Maintenance Department

“Jose Martinez is one of Kuner’s biggest assets to the feed department. His dedication to Five Rivers is incomparable and he is exceptional across the board. He continues to make Kuner a very efficient feedlot within the company and plays a major role in teaching and leading new drivers to become the best feeders within a short amount of time.” – Kuner Feedlot Feed Department

Jose Martinez

Employee of the Year - Feed Department

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