Company History

2018. Five Rivers was acquired from JBS USA.

2017. Nilsson Bros Inc acquires Lakeside Feeders as part of MCF Feedyards.

2013. JBS Food Canada Inc. is formed and JBS Five Rivers is tasked with managing the Lakeside Feeders yard in Brooks, Alberta, Canada.

2010. JBS Five Rivers Cattle Feeding LLC acquires McElhaney Feedyard, Wellton, Arizona, Capacity: 130,000.

2008. JBS acquires Five Rivers Ranch Cattle Feeding LLC from Smithfield Foods and Continental Grain Company.

2005. Five Rivers is formed and is comprised of the six ContiBeef feedyards owned by Continental Grain Company and the four Smithfield Beef Group feedyards owned by Smithfield Foods, Inc.

2004. ConAgra sells the Cattle Feeding Division to Smithfield Beef Group, a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, Inc.  Operations continue as MF Cattle Feeding.

2004. Swift returns control of the feedlots to ConAgra.

2002. Swift and Company begins operations.  The feedlots remain financed by ConAgra, but have reporting responsibility to Swift and Company. The feedlots continue operations as ConAgra Cattle Feeding Company and Monfort Finance Company.  Interstate Feeders, built in 1969 and originally an EA Miller feedlot, becomes part of this entity.

2000. Continental Grain Company forms ContiBeef LLC as a subsidiary.  This subsidiary is made up of the six cattle feedyards: Cimarron Feeders, Colorado Beef, Coronado Feeders, Grant County Feeders, Hartley Feeders, XIT Feeders.

1975 - 1997. Continental Grain Company acquires Hartley Feeders (97), Cimarron Feeders (87), Grant County Feeders (81), Colorado Beef (79), XIT Feeders (78), Coronado Feeders (75).

1987. Kenneth Monfort sells Monfort of Colorado to ConAgra Foods.  Company continues operations as ConAgra Red Meats IOC.

1987. Construction is completed on Yuma Feedlot.

1987. Continental Grain Company purchases Cimarron Feeders.

1974. Construction is completed on Kuner Feedlot and Grant County Feeders.

1972. Construction is completed on Coronado Feeders, Hartley Feeders and XIT Feeders.

1970. Construction is completed on Gilcrest Feedlot.

1969. Construction is completed on Cimarron Feeders, Colorado Beef, and Interstate Feeders.

1966. Construction is completed on Lakeside Feeders.

1959. Construction is completed on McElhaney Feedyard.

1940 - 1968. The Monfort feedlot grows from a capacity of 3,500 head into the world’s first 100,000-head feedlot.  Warren Monfort, and his son Kenneth, expand the operation into meatpacking in 1960, pioneering the movement of beef processing plants from urban consumer areas to the sources of cattle.

1930. Mr. Monfort becomes a pioneer in quality cattle feeding as a method of utilizing crop surpluses.  Mr. Monfort is the first in the industry to provide quality fed cattle to packing plants on a year- round basis.

Late 1920's. Warren H. Monfort begins farming north of Greeley, Colorado.
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