The Five Rivers Advantage

Because of Five Rivers’ dedication to serving its customers, we are able to provide exceptional service to a variety of customer types. From one load and hobby cattle feeders to industrial customers, Five Rivers is well-equipped to meet the demands of our cattle feeding customers.

Health and Nutrition. We are focused on improving our health and nutrition programs, as demonstrated through our investments in industry-leading veterinary and nutritional consultants, unique compensation programs that reward our animal health professionals for reducing mortality rates, continuous research and data analysis geared to improve performance, reduce variation, and adapt to customers’ needs, and reinvestment of capital to ensure that our facilities are in top-notch working order.

Environmental Stewardship. We are focused on being good stewards to our environment through our dedication to ensuring that our facilities are in positions of leadership within our industry as it concerns environmental regulation, our very proactive stance to dust control, manure management, runoff control, and nutrient management, and an advantage that is important to our employees, our operations, our cattle, our communities, and your cattle as well.

Research. We are dedicated to improving the beef business by our 2005 gift to Colorado State University of our small pen research facility in Lamar, Colorado. This created a strong research partnership between a private enterprise and a land grant institution – one of the first of its kind. This will allow Five Rivers and Colorado State to expand upon our ongoing commitments of conducting quality research and providing sound solutions for the opportunities and challenges of the beef industry.

Customer Commitment. We are committed to working closely with our customers to ensure that their needs are among our top priorities. Our focus is on treating the customers’ cattle as if they were our own. This focus on service is present throughout the organization. Since many of our employees also feed cattle, the concerns and desires of the customer are very well understood.

Industry Leadership. As the world’s largest cattle feeder, we pride ourselves on industry leadership.  In addition to excellence in health and nutrition, environmental stewardship, research, and customer commitment, our active involvement in trade associations and civic organizations are additional examples of how Five Rivers values its role as an industry leader.

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