Yuma Feedlot

Yuma, Colorado

Economic impact

Payroll: Nearly $4M+
Livestock Payments: $180M+
Payroll Taxes: $384,000+
Area Unemployment: 1.9%
Utilities: Nearly $800,000+

The Yuma Feedlot, a 105,000-head feedyard completed in October 1987, is located on Highway 34, a few miles east of Yuma, Colorado. Yuma, a town of 3,500, is located 110 miles east of Greeley, Colorado. Five Rivers Yuma Feedlot is a proud member of the City of Yuma and surrounding Yuma County communities.

The Beecher Island Battleground, located near Yuma, is a historic site where incidents of armed conflict between plains tribes and Anglo settlers occurred following the Sand Creek massacre in 1864. This site along the Arickaree Fork of the Republican River includes the small island battleground where, during the period from Sept. 17-26, 1868, Cheyenne Dog Soldiers, under the leadership of Chief Roman Nose, fought scouts of the U.S. Cavalry. The nine-day battle ended when additional cavalry units arrived in relief from Fort Wallace.

Located on the Great Plains of Northern Colorado, the Yuma Feedlot was the fourth (and last) 100,000 head feedyard built and owned by the Monfort family of Greeley. Prior to the opening of the Yuma yard in 1987, Kenneth Monfort sold the $7 billion Monfort operation to ConAgra, Inc.

Yuma was built by Monfort of Colorado and has carried the names of ConAgra Cattle Feeding Company, MF Cattle Feeding Company and Five Rivers Ranch Cattle Feeding.

38002 County Rd N
Yuma, CO 80759


General Manager
Chad Gross


Team Members

Cattle Capacity
105,000 head

Feedlot Space
Feedyard area: 800 acres
Irrigated/Dryland: 750 acres

Geographical Purchasing Region
Northeast Colorado, Northern Kansas,
Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Northern

Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan,


Grain Storage/Bushel

Average Precipitation: 17 inches
Average Snowfall: 31 inches

Chad Gross

General Manager

Chad began his career with Five Rivers in 2003 and has held multiple positions within the company at several different feedyards. Chad is the General Manager of our Yuma, CO Feedlot.  Chad enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 daughters showing livestock, playing sports and spending time at the lake.

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